YOM Replicator SDK
A metaverse SDK created by YOM
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Project Delivery Guidelines

Project Delivery Guidelines

This page will explain how to correctly setup your project such that it can be build by the YourOpenMetaverse build server.

Step 1: Creating a new project

Create a new project (Blueprint or C++) with Unreal 5 in which you want to build your new metaspace, but integrating into an existing metaspace is also possible. Add this gitignore to the root of the folder to ensure that git does not include unnecessary files. Convert your project to a git repository, but ensure that the .git folder is in the same location as the .uproject file.

Note: If you want to share the plugin accros a team the whole team needs to download the sources, unless you add all of the plugins binaries to git.

Step 2: Creating a Plugins folder

Inside your project folder you should make a folder called Plugins in which you can install the YOM Replicator SDK, GltfRuntime, and VaRest plugins.


You should now have a folder structure that looks like this:

(YourProjectFolder): RootFolderStructure

(YourProjectFolder/Plugins): PluginFolderStructure