YOM Replicator SDK
A metaverse SDK created by YOM
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Here is a list of all modules:
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 YomAirdropAllows to airdrop items to players in the metaspace
 YomControlHintsAdds a Widget to show the game controls to the player
 YomCoreMain module that handles player and wallet connection
 YomCounterAllows to manipulate counter on the blockchain through SDK
 YomEditorThis module are the modules that can only be used in the editor
 YomSettingsPlugin that creates a settings window for yom
 YomSetupPlugin that creates a setup window for YOM
 YomExternalEventsEvents that can be called from the bridge YomExternalEvents allows users to create events that can be called from the bridge. These can be anything you would want like fireworks, portals, balls or rain
 YomGatedAccessAllows to create gated zones
 YomInventoryAdds inventory behaviour to the metaspace to allow players to interact with items in their wallets
 YomItemsAdds items to the metaspace
 YomNameplatesManages nameplates for different players
 YomPortalsAdds portals between different metaspaces
 YomTrackingAllows creators to emit tracking information
 YomVoiceAdds voice chat to a metaspace